Friday, June 29, 2007

Stash Socks and New Stash
I have been working on these on and off since I finished Canada Socks. The yarn is Regia Silk. I really liked this yarn and thought I would have enough. I think I have a couple yards of each color left over. I used size 0 needles and 68 stitches. These socks will be great in the fall with my Teva's.
Stash acquired last week .............. left to right "White Birch Fiber Arts", I picked this up in Brattleboro, VT last week on the way home. No color listed; just says one of a kind. "Socks That Rock" Firebird, sock club yarn. "Brooklyn Handspun" Lombard Melon" ordered from her website. 2 skeins of Manos, color 46, the color is really like a green coloring crayon. The last skein is 100% Superfine Alpaca; natural color, Mist Grey 2/02. The Manos and Superfine Alpaca I purchased at Northern Nights in Norwich, VT.

Monday, June 25, 2007

One Skein Claudia Socks

I made these socks with one skein of Claudia Hand Painted fingering yarn. A few posts back you will see I received this yarn from my OSSP. This yarn was dyed especially for her LYS, Knitting Sisters. I seem to have misplaced the business card for the shop but I believe it is in Williamsburg, VA. Not sure of what to do with one skein I went to work making the smallest socks I ever made. These socks will fit in my purse and will be handy for the summer; bitting bugs - - cooler evenings by the ocean, etc.
Yarn: Claudia Hand Painted, Knitting Sisters
Needles: Size 2 Brittany Birch
Pattern: I started with 60 stitches, 4 row cuff, moss stitch. Flap heel, picked up 17 along flap. Back down to 60.

Adding Red to the yard to attract those who pollenate:

These are by the tomatoes. Tomatoes are getting quite tall and have alot of flowers and some fruit.

The herb garden:

Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Bike Ride
Today is a beautiful day. "Vog On" and I are going for a bike ride.

Crossing the Connecticut River from New Hampshire into Vermont.

Rode up to Norwich, VT. Nice ride, not too hilly. Found this great yarn store - Northern Nights. I did not catch the name of the lady working there but she was the nicest lady. I got a grand tour of the shop. I purchased some Alpaca and Manos. The nice lady brought me over to a coffee shop/bakery/deli. I got coffee and a sandwich and headed over to the park. "Vog On" and I had lunch. There was a wonderful breeze and "Vog On" held down the paper while I ate my goat cheese, tomato, and olive spread on bagette sandwich. I sat on that bench for 2 hours and finished "Vog On". I did not bring a needle to kirchner the toe.
Yarn: Steinbach Wolle - color 005
Needle: Size 2 Brittany
Pattern: Vog On - Knitty Summer 2007
We rode back over the Connecticut River and up to Hanover, NH; the home of Dartmouth.. There were a few Kodak moments by the river.

We went through Hanover and over to the CRREL building where my husband's class was. The sky looked very threatening and I headed back to a cafe I saw.
"Vog On" did not want to come out for photo's; there were varments around.

Husband picked us up and we had some refreshments in Hanover at Murphy's. "Vog On" was still up for more. After supper we went down to Covered Bridge 23.

These are the dogs that tried to eat us. "Vog On" has been sewed and will have more advertures tomorrow - - - on my feet!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Traveling Without Camera Cord

I finished the Victorian Lace socks on Saturday night at my Nephew's championship Little League game.
Yarn: Panda Cotton, Ivory
Needles: Size 1 Crystal Palace
Pattern: Victorian Lace from Six Sox KAL

When I got home I immediately cast on for Knitty's new offering "Vog on". These socks are traveling with me.

Sunday we drove to Vermont, we camped just outside of Rutland in a State Park. Apparently
"Vog on: does not enjoy camping and would not get out of the car. Monday we continued across Route 4 to Quechee Gorge. "Vog on" did pose for a few photos here.

Next stop was Woodstock, Vt. "Vog on" did not get out of the car here; thought it tacky to go to a yarn shop. Whippletree was a fun stop. If you find yourself in Woodstock do visit the shop. There is major construction on a bridge leading into town and business is down.

Next stop - - White River Junction, Vt. "Vog on" had a wonderful time at the train station.

We have arrived at the hotel. Tuesday was way to hot to go out. Wednesday it rained most of the day. I am almost done the pair. Just the foot of sock 2 to go.

Received phone call from daughter; STR June sock club arrived (I have not even begun the April kit yet) and my Brooklyn Handspun also arrived.

I will insert pictures when I return home.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Victorian Lace Socks

Just finished sock 1. This sock is part of the Six Sock-KAL.
Close up of the mini-melon lace pattern.

Friday, June 08, 2007

One Skein Secret Pal
I participated in the OSSP in 2006. June and July we were to send a skein of yarn to our downstream pal and our upstream pal would send us a skein. Then in August we would knit for our pal. My upstream pal sent me the most lucious yarn that I of course knit sock with. One skein was Opal, dk the other was Lana Grossa, Inca. My upstream pal was very busy with summer, a job, a child, basically a life. She kept in touch for awhile, even sent Christmas Greetings. How surprised was I when I cam home from work Wednesday and heard "What did you order now?". I had not ordered anything. It was my knit item from my secret pal:
The hat is wonderful made from South West Trading - Karaoke color 298. The hat is lying on the backside of a t-shirt my pal also incluced in the package.

Here is the front side of said t-shirt.

Also included was a skein of Claudia Handpaint dyed for the LYS she visits.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Snowflakes in June
I finished my Socknitters - SAM snowflake socks this morning. Took some pictures and here they are:

Here are the specifics:

Yarn: Lanas Puras, Melosa - color, orchid. Needle: Lantern Moon ebony size 2. Pattern: Socknitters-SAM, Snowflake Socks.

I LOVE these socks. The yarn is the softest yarn I have knit with to date. These are going to be a very special pair of socks. The pattern is well written and easy to follow. I followed the written directions. It was mentioned in the KAL that there is a mistake in the chart. Followed the directions exactly except for alternation the knit 1 slip one on the heel. The feel perfect and feel oh so soft. 100% merino 440 yards to the skein. I have lots left.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Beautiful Day For Knitting Outside

The temperature has finally dropped into the 70's, perfect weather for knitting outdoors.

Finished sock 1 of the Socknitters SAM May/June KAL

Snowflake Pattern Close-up