Friday, June 08, 2007

One Skein Secret Pal
I participated in the OSSP in 2006. June and July we were to send a skein of yarn to our downstream pal and our upstream pal would send us a skein. Then in August we would knit for our pal. My upstream pal sent me the most lucious yarn that I of course knit sock with. One skein was Opal, dk the other was Lana Grossa, Inca. My upstream pal was very busy with summer, a job, a child, basically a life. She kept in touch for awhile, even sent Christmas Greetings. How surprised was I when I cam home from work Wednesday and heard "What did you order now?". I had not ordered anything. It was my knit item from my secret pal:
The hat is wonderful made from South West Trading - Karaoke color 298. The hat is lying on the backside of a t-shirt my pal also incluced in the package.

Here is the front side of said t-shirt.

Also included was a skein of Claudia Handpaint dyed for the LYS she visits.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome package!

6/8/07, 1:32 PM  
Blogger Marguerite said...

Love that tee shirt.

I'm straining my eyeballs to see whose name is on the copyright, but it's not working. Will you share?

6/16/07, 8:44 AM  

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