Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Canada Socks Excellent Adventure
Portland, Maine
Friday, May 25, 2007
My husband and I went to Maine last week.

I chose Canada Sock as the project that would come along with us. I am knitting the Canada Socks with the KOTR - KAL. I had started the socks on May 10, 2007 but on May 16, 2007 I ripped them back to the first chart and began again. The sock was too thick and contained too may repeats. I only did one repeat of the pattern. These socks are taller than I would usually wear but will be very warm come fall and winter.
Yarn: Regia Silk, color 070-Moss and color 032-burgandy and a small amount of rust colored wool. Yarn was purchased at the Custom Shop in Kennebunk, Maine.
Needles: Clover bamboo size 0, size 1 for colorwork
Changes: Only one pattern repeat, heel, toe.

Canada Sock arrive in Maine on Tuesday, May 21, 2007. One sock was finished and the second sock had all color patterns finished. At first the sock was happy to be knit in the house of my mother, Memere. I think the fact that she is French-Canadian helped the sock along.
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings were spent knitting on Canada Sock and watching the Red Sox games, Thursday was a repeat of a Red Sox-Yankee game.

On Friday Canada Sock decides it wants to go out. Off to Portland we went. We found parking and the first stop was Seaport Yarn. Then to Becky's for lunch. We rode our bikes over to South Portland to see the famous Bug Light and Spring Point Light.
We went to the Old Port for a snack and to be a tourist. But wait what is this fisherman doing.

That looks just like my sock.
Canada Sock had fun at Longfellow's House.

Longfellow's Garden
The temp was high and we decided to go to a local Old Port coffee shop for some iced coffee.

The bathroom wall reads
It was a long day and Canada Sock was getting tired. Rangers/Red Sox game delayed. Knitted into the wee hours of the morning and finished the second sock Saturday morning.


Anonymous heidi said...

That sock really had a great day:)

5/29/07, 8:50 AM  
Anonymous laurieds@verizon.net said...

Hi - I really enjoyed the account of your Canada sock's excellent adventure. It was nice to see the photos of the other lovely socks that you've made. Thanks for taking the time to post the photos and stories - it was most enjoyable!

5/29/07, 11:35 AM  
Anonymous Mildred said...

Loved your lighthouse photos!!! In fact I had lighthouse photos on my blog then replaced them with the present Brooklyn Bridge photos. Loved all the socks you made. Your socks are so beautiful. I hope one day I can be as good as all these sock knitters I see posting their pictures!!

5/29/07, 4:52 PM  
Blogger Julie said...

Looks like the sock had a great time!

5/31/07, 10:54 AM  
Blogger Helen said...

Thanks for your message on my blog about the LM needles. It's all sorted out now & my needles are on their way.

I too am a member of KOTR KAL although I haven't had time to do the last couple of projects but hopefully I can start on the next one. Your Canada socks look great.

6/2/07, 2:40 AM  

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