Wednesday, April 18, 2007

It's Been A Long Time

I had a case of the flu which lasted for over 2 weeks. I saw the doctor after a week and was given pills for a sinus infection, but the fever lasted over 2 weeks. Around 3:00 every afternoon I would have to go home from work and sleep for awhile. There was very little knitting during this time, even less picture taking.

I have been working on the Peace Fleece Aran sweater, I have the back almost done. With the grey days we have been having here it has been difficult to knit this sweater due to the dark colors.

I did finish the STR - RSC Monsoon socks. I did not follow the directions, but have a sock that looks very much like the sock of the month. I made my socks from the top down. I did a slip stitch garter stitch flap heel. The toe of the sock was made to wear with flip-flops. I used size 1 double points until I reached the toes, there I used size 0.

Close up of the toe -
Here they are with flip-flops - they are very exfoliating
I belong to too many KAL's. Here is my Lilac Sock from the Townsend KAL


Blogger Cece said...

That is neat! I still haven't started my monsoon socks...

4/19/07, 8:36 AM  

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