Monday, March 19, 2007

Three, three sizes of yarn, three sizes of needles in the third month ..................

I have not started the Rockin Sock of the month yet. I have a couple of things I need to do first.

Here is the progress on the Aran "Peace Fleece" sweater. I started the sweater on March 3rd. I took this picture this morning but have since done a couple more rows. The pattern is 16 rows and I have completed these 16 rows twice. I am just hoping that I have purchased enough yarn to complete the sweater.
I am also working on "Monkey Socks" from Knitty. I got the yarn a while back. I am using Artyarn color #137 and brittany birch size 2. Even though the pattern has nothing to do with monkeys I think the yarn has a monkey look to it. I have worked one time through the pattern (kept on after taking picture) and find the pattern a joy to work.

The other project that I am working on is a "Ribble Stitch" scarf. I made ribble stich fingerless gloves back in December? and am making a scarf in the same yarn (chocolate brown, Ultra Alpaca). I really love this stitch. I have made a few pair of ribble stitch socks. The pattern stitch, which is a cable stitch, is the same on both sides so there is no wrong side. Very hard to see because the yarn is so dark.
And if all of this kniting is not enough to keep me busy, I went for a hike with my son on Saturday. We hiked up the New Jersey side of the Deleware Water Gap. Bare booted, not so much snow and others had gone up before us. The views were beautiful.


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