Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Short Trip North

On Friday Jim and I drove up to Maine. We stopped in Worcester, Mass to see a college friend of Jim's. Next stop was Bob's Clam Hut and the Kittery Trading Post and then the Yarn Sellar. Finally got to my Mother's house where we of course ate, pizza and a bomb, watched t.v and got caught up on all the gossip.

On Saturday we drove to Wells Beach, parked at the "Forbes" parking lot and walked to the end of the jetty and back to the parking lot. Beautiful day although very windy on the Jetty and the walk back.

Drove to Kennebunk and visited the Custom Shop for more yarn purchases. Federal Jack's for lunch. Back to my Mother's house and then off to Ted's Fried Clams for my Aunt Gaby's 79th birthday party.

Sunday we drove to Boston, checked in at the Parker House, consumed a beverage at Kennedy's, ate dinner at the Black Rose - at "our table" and then it was off to see the Pogues. The boys were great. We had gone to the Orphium last year, March 14th the day of our 25th wedding anniversary. We figured if we started our 25th year with the Pogues we should close our 25th year with the Pogues.

Just so you won't think there was no knitting, here I am working on Dalarna at the Parker House and progress on the 'Dalarna.


Blogger Bobbisox said...

Your socks look great, and the Darlarna is a nice subtle pattern. I enjoyed the musical clip, I love the Clancy Brothers so I understand the connection.

3/18/07, 6:17 PM  

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