Monday, February 05, 2007

Buckwheat Zydeco and the Suffolk Wool Triplets
On Friday, February 2, 2007, I met my husband in NYC. First he went with me to School Products, 1201 Broadway, 3rd floor. Wonderful store, easy to find. Though there were lots of choices I got 4 skeins of Koigu. These will be made into "Toe Jazz" a "Fiber Trends" pattern for the upcoming flip flop season.

We then went to BB Kings for the 8:00 pm show of Buckwheat Zydeco. Great show, lousey food.

Now for the "Freshisle Fibers" Suffolk Wool Triplets................................

The first pair I made was "Freshisle Fibers" "Suffolk Wool", color "Shades of Pinks". I usually stay away from pink yarn but I thought "What the heck". The pattern is "Fancy Chevron Lace". I used this pattern before with the Suffolk Wool and had great results. Size 5 Brittany dp's. Heel is different from the pattern. Kind of like a peppermint candy and just in time for Valentines' Day. I tried these on after knitting and fell asleep on the couch, I woke up to very warm feet. Here is the direct link to the pattern ......
The second pair was knit from "Freshisle Fibers" "Suffolk Wool", color "Puple Sunset". I used another knitlist pattern "Texture and Lace". Again, I used size 5 Brittany dp's. This pattern I modified in the heel and in the cuff. The cuff called for knit 1 purl 1 for 2 inches. I knit 1 row and purled one row and started with the pattern rows. Here is the direct link to the pattern .........

The third pair is knit from "Freshisle Fibers" Suffolk Wool", color "Iris". The pattern is again "Fancy Chevron Lace" from the knit list. I really like the way these hand dyed yarns respond to this pattern.

I will leave today with my WIP. I have been working on and off on these socks since January 15, 2007. They are knit on size 1 brittany 5 inch needles. I am using the Creeping Vines , Trekking ProNatura. I have broken 2 needles so far and am trying to finish these without breaking any more.


Anonymous freshisle said...

You are just amazing! What gorgeous knitting! I'm having trouble picking a favourite! Thanks for the pattern links.

2/5/07, 7:21 PM  

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