Friday, December 08, 2006

Baby It's Cold Outside

No snow, but holey moley it's cold. I did finish the mittens last night. I have the "What-Knot" scarf done. Tied in all the lose ends this morning. I have not decided whether or not to fringe; pain in the butt and always caught in the zipper. I just need to make the hat and socks to match. Not really to match the pattern, but with the same yarn. This is for my daughter. The yarn I am using is Berroco, "Ultra Alpaca" a blend of alpaca and wool. Oh my it is so soft. I believe it has a high R factor as well. My hands are very warm while I knit with this yarn. I have actually had to stop a few times due to sweaty plams. I have also posted a close up of the What-Knot scarf. This is a very easy 4 row pattern.

Here is the link to the What-Knot Scarf


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