Friday, April 06, 2007

Monsoon Update

I have worked through the heel and gusset. This took quite a bit of time to get the ribbing to match and I had to rip back a few times to get it right.
Now a close ups of the gusset the red yarn marks the last decrease of the gusset.


Blogger tapmouse said...

Aw, those are so cute! Thanks for your post at my blog. At first I thought, "Darn! Now I have to try and do that dratted reverse heel flap!" Then I realized you went ahead and worked yours cuff down!

Well, mine are being worked toe-up, so I am definitely sticking with that direction because I just will not reknit the *whole* thing!-lol! But I think I will just do the short-row heel, since I really don't want to futz around with a reverse heel flap!


4/20/07, 6:07 PM  

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