Thursday, January 25, 2007

Opal Socks and Jim's Coin
The larger pair of socks I knit from Opal 6 ply color 1713. 60 stitches and size 2 brittany birch double points, basic sock pattern. The smaller socks are for me, 56 stitches, size 2 brittany birch dp's. I used the left over yarn from my husbands socks for the foot and I used another color of Opal 6 ply I had left over from my secret pal socks, that I had also knit Aiden's socks with, for the cuff and heel. There is surely alot of yarn in those balls, 150 g, 420 m/462 yds. I got mine from Astrid's at the before Christmas sale.

Now for Jim's new coin. My husband works for the US Army Corps of Engineers, NY District. During the recovery effort for hurricane Katrina my husband went down to Vicksburg, MS for a month to help out. Yesterday he received from his Superior a coin and certificate.

I'm current working on another pair of Fancy Chevron Lace Socks, I am using "Fresh Isle Fibers" "Suffolk Wool" in the verigated color of "Pinks". I tried a couple of other patterns and had to take them apart 1 3/4 socks is not good. I am also working on a pair of "Creeping Vine Socks" I am using "Trekking, Pro Natura" a wool and bamboo yarn, and short (5 inch) size 1 Brittany Birch dp's. I did not think that I would like the 5 inch needles but I find that I am loving them. Here is a link to the pattern I should finish this weekend.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Freshisle Fibers Suffolk Wool to the Summit
In this world of of synthetic fibers my son chose his new "Freshisle Fibers" "Suffolk Wool" hat, scarf, mittens, and socks to hike to the top of Mount Washington on Sunday, January 14, 2007. This was an 8 and a half mile round trip up some of the roughest, steepest terrain on the east coast of the US; 6,288 ft. (1916.6 m). It was 19 degrees F, with winds gusting to 75 MPH. Was he cold, NO. Great stuff check it out at

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I Have No Memory...........

...................that is on my memory card. No new knitting pictures for today, but here is a update on my weekend.

Great knitting companion. The wine is great. Screw cap for easy opening and closing.

Socks finished for Aiden, he is 18 months old and was complaining of cold feet. The yarn is Opal 6 ply left over from a previous pair of socks.

Saturday's weather was beautiful. Husband, son and I went to NYC ..... again. While waiting for the train I am working on socks.

Visited the West Village and Washignton Square Park , we walked for hours.

We ate dinner in Little Italy at Sal Anthony's. Great food and wine.
After dinner street scene.

took the train to Grand Central station ...........

....... and saw the Christmas Tree. 9 hours, hundreds of dollars, priceless.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Years Eve, December FO, and January 1 Knitting
Being that we are not an aggressive family my son, husband, and I took the the train in to NYC on New Years Eve, Eve. Pints of Guiness for all at the "Pig and Whistle".

I brought my sock with me and knit all the way to the train station and on the train to NYC. I finished all but the toe. That I finished New Years Eve morning.

The train ride home got a little exciting:

The toes finished on the STR X-Mas socks I started making mittens and socks for my son's little buddy Aiden. He is 18 months and from what I hear needed home made mittens and socks. Mittens are knit with size 3 dp's 32 stitches, Patons, Classic Wool. The socks are size 2 dp's, 36 stitches, Opal 6 ply left over from my SP Socks.

Here lie the "Blue Moon Fiber Arts", "Socks That Rock" "Cascading Leaves" socks in "X-mas Rocks. My love hate knitting is over.

The above close up, taken by my husband is accurately showing the color. Below you will see that when covered by a pair of jeans and slipped into a pair of shoes, these very warm and comfortable socks will not be seen by me, but I will have happy feet.