Sunday, April 29, 2007

Just in the Nick of Time..
The Zokni socks are finished. I knit these socks with the Socknitters-SAM. These socks were quite a knit. I never learned the pattern and had to refer to the pattern for every row that was knit. I made the socks top down. I did not use the short row heel, instead I brought the leaf pattern down the back of the heel - this you can see if you scroll back a couple of posts. The JitterBug is a little thicker than a fingering yarn. Thick and warm. Very hard to get the true color of this yarn in a picture, but again if you scroll down a couple of post to see the back of the sock you will see the true color. Click of pictures for a larger picture.

YARN: Colinette JitterBug - Velvet Leaf
NEEDLE: Size 1 Bamboo
CHANGES: heel flap and flip-flop toe
TIME: 3 weeks

Monday, April 23, 2007

Betty's Square

I met Julie via the Blue Moon Fiber Arts Rockin Sock Club. Julie lives in Maine and her friend Betty has Multiple Myeloma, a blood cancer.You can read about Betty here on Julie's blog here The red white and blue square is a dishcloth. My mother's birthday (May 28th) this year is Memorial Day Monday. She gets a parade and a birthday party. I am making the dishcloths for the goody bags for her friends that will come to the party. They all used to make these dishcloths, their eyesite will not allow for this now. Mom will be 86. God Bless Her.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

4th Annual Arts & Crafts Fair

I work for the Washington Borough Business Improvement District and today was our annual Arts & Crafts Fair which is free, outdoors, and an all day event. The weather was beautiful, last year it rain - poured. Here are a few pictures from the event..........

These are pins and magnets that were made to raise money for a local girl battling cancer.
Virginia LaBar from Pennsylvania makes crochet afghans and other hand crafts

Virginia's daughter, Shelly LaBar uses a scroll saw to make wooden items

There were objects created in metal

and Birdhouses

"The Philosophers Stone" art gallery won Best In Show

other objects of interest

Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Sun Is Shining
Or at least it was when I got home from work.
Progress on the Peace Fleece sweater, can you find the two mistakes?Sockknitter SAM - Zokni Socks knit with Colinette JitterBug in the Velvet Leaf color.

Back of Zokni

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

It's Been A Long Time

I had a case of the flu which lasted for over 2 weeks. I saw the doctor after a week and was given pills for a sinus infection, but the fever lasted over 2 weeks. Around 3:00 every afternoon I would have to go home from work and sleep for awhile. There was very little knitting during this time, even less picture taking.

I have been working on the Peace Fleece Aran sweater, I have the back almost done. With the grey days we have been having here it has been difficult to knit this sweater due to the dark colors.

I did finish the STR - RSC Monsoon socks. I did not follow the directions, but have a sock that looks very much like the sock of the month. I made my socks from the top down. I did a slip stitch garter stitch flap heel. The toe of the sock was made to wear with flip-flops. I used size 1 double points until I reached the toes, there I used size 0.

Close up of the toe -
Here they are with flip-flops - they are very exfoliating
I belong to too many KAL's. Here is my Lilac Sock from the Townsend KAL

Saturday, April 07, 2007

One Down, One To Go

Flip-Flop Monsoon. This was a very challenging adventure. I made these top-down and combined them with a Fiber Trends pattern so I would be able to wear them with flip-flops. More about them when they are finished.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Monsoon Update

I have worked through the heel and gusset. This took quite a bit of time to get the ribbing to match and I had to rip back a few times to get it right.
Now a close ups of the gusset the red yarn marks the last decrease of the gusset.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Tidal Waves

This is my new pair of Tidal Wave socks.

Needles: Crystal Palace Bamboo US size 1

Yarn: Tofutsies, color 720 Sweep You Off Your Feet

One skein is plenty, I think I have enough left for a pair of peds.

I made them especially to wear with these:

Here is the start of my Socks That Rock, Rockin Sock Club, Monsoon socks. The yarn matches the new flip-flops I bought at the Kittery Trading Post. So I am changing the Kit pattern so that these socks can be worn with flip-flops. I have progressed alot on these tonight and have the pattern writen as far as I have gone, I am on the foot. Just have to figure out the decreases to do a big toe. I started top down, kept the heel in a modified garter stitch, and plan on doing the toe area in garter stitch. Yikes!!!! :-}