Thursday, January 31, 2008

Pretty Pussywillow It Is Not Yet Time - Go To SleepAmanda Hat
Yarn: Patons SWS Natural Geranium
Needle:Size 8 Circular
This was a fun knit. I followed the pattern until the second pattern second where I only completed the pattern 2 x's.
Knitting Basket of WIP's that are not socks.
Knitting basket of things that are socks and "That Little Scarf".
Saw the movie "Sweeney Todd" with my son. He immediately wanted a pair of Demon Barber Mitts. I used size 6 dp's and Rowan Cocoon in Shale.
I found the pattern on Ravelry
Yarn: Rowan Big Wool in Pistachio I used every bit of 2 skeins
Needle: Size 15 - 10mm

I need to spend less time on Ravelry and more time knitting or blogging.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Compulsive Cable Hat
This hat is beautiful despite the hateful yarn I used to knit with. The yarn had many plies and split often. I did alot of fixing. This will be a warm hat to wear during a blizzard, if we ever have one.
Yarn: Elann Superwash Chunky
Needles: Size 7 circular and dp's
I knit the pattern as written until row 7 of the decreases. I felt the hat was large enough and decreased quicker than the pattern stated. Fun pattern, warm hat. I will probably make this one again.
From the top. Looks pretty good.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Hats Hats and More Hats
First up another pair of Shortie Socks
Yarn: Cascade 220 - left over from Christmas Presents
Pattern: 40 stitches size 4 dp's
The following hats are made with the red yarns purchased from
Pattern: Twist Hat
Yarn: Laines Du Nord, Softlight, 2 skeins
Color: Bright Red
Needles: Size 8 Circular & dp's
This is one thick and warm hat. The pattern suggest a heavy worsted yarn with size 10.5 needles. The yarn I used is a bulky weight, I used smaller needles to obtain tension. The yarn was easy to work with. No splitting. The pattern, actually 2 different panels, did require me to pay attention, although not a hard pattern
Color: Sangria
Needles: Size 6 Circular & dp's
This hat was a fun easy knit. The rib pattern on the cuff is a 4 row pattern that is easily remembered. The yarn is 80% wool and 20% alpaca and feels very warm and is a joy to work with. The cuff provides extra warmth for the ears.
Pattern: Thorpe
Color: Red Maple 2 Skeins
Needles: Size 8 Circular & dp's
Fun, easy,and quick
Pattern: Braided Hat Scroll down past ads
Color: Claret
Needles: Size 6 Circular & dp's
I used 110 stitches. The result is a very thick hat. The hat looks small but stretches to a women's medium.

I still have yarn left and will be making 2 more hats and a scarf to finish my study in REDS.

Friday, January 11, 2008

The 2007 UFO is Now a 2008 FINISHED OBJECT
This beautiful sweater was a difficult knit. The yarn (Peace
Fleece - Siberian Midnight) is dark blue/black with flecks of grey and white. I tortured myself by knitting this on size 8 Brittany Black Walnut needles. I started the knitting on March 19, 2007, I finished today. There are many modifications to the pattern. This is a pattern of the late '80's early 90's; to be worn with leggings I think. I shortened the length, and knit a couple of sizes smaller. Sewing the seams was very difficult. Not only are the colors dark, the little specks............................. insert swear word here. I think I pulled most of them out while seaming. I do not have buttons yet. I bought the pattern over 15 years ago who knows when I will buy buttons, lol. That being said. I love the sweater. The yarn is soft and warm. It fits perfectly. The pockets will come in handy. I had purchased 12 skeins of yarn. I have 4 and 1/2 left.I have been invited to a "Meet the Artist" show. The show is in February with a Valentines Day theme. I am going to present a "Study in Reds".

Monday, January 07, 2008

2007 - UFO or The Return of the Peace Fleece Aran Sweater
This is the Left Front of the Peace Fleece Sweater. I stopped working on this sweater so I could complete my Christmas knitting. I have only the Right Front to complete and then sew up seams, knit button and button hole bands, pocket edgings, and neck band.

My husband thought he would like to see the Peace Fleece Aran finished also. He bought me this Wooly Board for Christmas in hopes it would inspire me. The sweater on the Wooly Board was knit 26 years ago as I waited for the birth on my first born.
More "Shortie" socks. All of the shortie socks I have been knitting are made with leftover yarn from Christmas presents.
Ella Rae Classic 100% wool
Color: 37 Admiral Blue
Pattern: 40 stitches size 4 dp needle