Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day WeekendFinished 5 dishclothes to go with the Waffle knit dishtowel. Mailed on Friday and will hopefully be in Maine for Wednesday.
Happy Birthday, Mother.
This is the new and improved "Recession Garden".
Hoping for enough produce this year so we can join are neighboring farmers at the local Farmers Market.

Lizzy, new sock that I am working on. From Sockenkreativliste, a yahoo group.

Memorial Day Weekend Camping.

Pink Blossom Socks. Ravelry connection. Pattern not yet released. I used Trekking xxl in color 005.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Happy May Day
I saw this on ravelry and had to make one for my Mother's upcoming 87th birthday. I usually make dishcloths for her but this is wonderful. I will also make dishclothes.
Pattern: Waffle Knit Dishtowel, ravelry link
Yarn: Peaches & Creme, color 165, Daisy Ombre
Needle: Size 7
This was a fun knit. I used a little more than half of a 1 pound cone and there are no knots in the towel, just had to weave in the begining and end strings. Definately will be making more of these.

"Can Do" Ashes
Pattern: Ashes by Monika of Smoking Hot Needles
Needle: Size 1
I knit this to the pattern specs but it is too small. I actually knit the second sock twice. I first knit it while waiting at my Mother's surgery. Lots of worry went into that sock so I pulled it apart and reknit when home. BTW: Surgery was good. Tumor removed, cancerous but all lymph node around were clean.

Yarn: Trekking Hand Art purchased at The Loopy Ewe
Needle: Size 0
I love this pattern. It is a toe up pattern but I am knitting cuff down. I forgot to reverse the cables. I still like this sock. The yarn needed some kind of pattern. I know the cables get lost in the yarn but............. How about that Japanese Red Maple?