Wednesday, December 03, 2008

It's All About the HandsThe above mittens were knit with Cascade 220. I purchased the 220 from "The loopy Ewe". They have just about every color in stock.
The two pair on the top are ladies. Knit on a size 4 double points with 40 stitches.
The three pair in the bottom row are men's. Knit on size 5 double points with 44 stitches.
Below are fingerless mitts.
The pair on top are "Maine Morning Mitts", from the "Knitters Book of Yarn" by Clara Parks. Knit with leftover Malabrigo from the Christmas lace scarf. I used size 5 double points. These are a spare gift, just in case.
The pair in the bottom are "Dashing". I used Peace Fleece I had left over from the "Peace Fleece Sweater". The color is Siberian Midnight. I used a size 4 double point. The blue tags are so the wearer can tell which is for the right or left hand. Another spare gift.