Thursday, November 29, 2007

Friends The green socks are a Men's size 10/11.
Yarn: Kraemer Yarns, Summit Hill - 100% Merino Superwash
Color: Adventurine
48 stitches on size 5 dp needles
The reddish socks are a women's size 6/7
Yarn: Berroco, Ultra Alpaca
Color: 6236 Chianti
40 stitches on size 4 dp needles

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Mad Color Weave
Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts - Socks That Rock - Medium Weight
Color: Hollyday
Pattern: Mad Color Weave
Needle: Size 1 Crystal Palace Bamboo There were many changes made to these socks. The changes started with the heel. I knit a regular heel flap from Ann Budd directions. 18-18-33 for the foot, decreasing down to 16-16-32 before beginning the toe. The toe is a standard toe from
Ann Budd. Both the toe and heel taken from "The Knitters Handy Book of Patterns". The result is a thick warm sock. Bad lighting = bad photos.
I am presently working on a pair of boot socks for Christmas gifts.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I Love These SOCKS
Same sock, both sides

Monday, November 19, 2007

First Snow of 2007
Sunday and today were our 1st snows. Not much stuck to the ground, maybe 2".
Yesterday I traveled to NYC with my husband, his sister, and her son.
We saw this

These are the socks I am currently working on. They are going to require many modifications starting with the heel, but I do like the stitch, Mad Color Weave. The yarn is Blue Moon Fiber Arts, Socks That Rock, medium weight, in the Hollyday colorway.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Today Is A Good Day
First my ex-boss called to ask questions, but I do not work there any more? By the way where is my paycheck?Then the mail came. I saw the mail person put letters and a white bag in my box.

Blue Moon Fiber Arts; from the Raven Series, two heavy weight Ravens, Haidi and Ravenscroft. Hollyday in medium weight. All beautiful. The letters that came announced my unemployment benefits. 26 weeks. Another benefit is college. I think I will go again.

These socks are made special for my Mother In Law. She has difficult feet and just recently broke her leg. The ribbing on the leg will stretch to fit her swolleness. I brought the ribbing down the heel for a better fit under the walking cast, no bunching is allowed. Stockinette foot for the same reason. The yarn is Plymouth Suri Merino, an alpaca/merino blend. I used a size 4 dp for the leg and heel and a size 3 dp for the foot. Leg and foot are both 40 stitches.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

F.O.'s Take A Trip To Merrill Creek

I am back on regular coffee. Work had become so stressful I had to quit dring the high test, but November 7, 2007 was my last day. Things are back to normal now. The bonus being I have more time to knit. I have signed up for unemployment insurance and am waiting to see if I qualify.
My daughter and I took advantage of a beautiful day yesterday and went over to the reservoir for a walk. We walked the Perimeter Trail and according to Google Earth we walked 5.5 miles.

First up is the "Villandry Lace Scarf" by Angela Roberge
The yarn used was Blue Sky Cotton, color 613 Ink. I cast on 21 stitches, size 6.0 mm needles.
This is a fun 4 row pattern. The cotton is heavy and scarf too skinny. I am going to take it apart, cast on more stitches, and try again.

Another pair of Boot SocksBasic 48 stitch boot sock
Yarn: Ella Rae, Classic - 13 Slate
Wollmeise Socks

  • Followed the pattern exactly, except only decreased to to 32 stitches.
  • Yarn: Trekking XXL color 181

These guys followed us all day!