Monday, January 07, 2008

2007 - UFO or The Return of the Peace Fleece Aran Sweater
This is the Left Front of the Peace Fleece Sweater. I stopped working on this sweater so I could complete my Christmas knitting. I have only the Right Front to complete and then sew up seams, knit button and button hole bands, pocket edgings, and neck band.

My husband thought he would like to see the Peace Fleece Aran finished also. He bought me this Wooly Board for Christmas in hopes it would inspire me. The sweater on the Wooly Board was knit 26 years ago as I waited for the birth on my first born.
More "Shortie" socks. All of the shortie socks I have been knitting are made with leftover yarn from Christmas presents.
Ella Rae Classic 100% wool
Color: 37 Admiral Blue
Pattern: 40 stitches size 4 dp needle


Anonymous freshisle said...

26 years! Wow! Impressive. It's just a gorgeous sweater.
Nice wooly board, too!!

1/7/08, 6:50 PM  
Anonymous Jeanne said...

Gorgeous sweater and impressive that it looks so good after 26 years! Nice wooly board!

1/7/08, 8:50 PM  

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