Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Bike Ride
Today is a beautiful day. "Vog On" and I are going for a bike ride.

Crossing the Connecticut River from New Hampshire into Vermont.

Rode up to Norwich, VT. Nice ride, not too hilly. Found this great yarn store - Northern Nights. I did not catch the name of the lady working there but she was the nicest lady. I got a grand tour of the shop. I purchased some Alpaca and Manos. The nice lady brought me over to a coffee shop/bakery/deli. I got coffee and a sandwich and headed over to the park. "Vog On" and I had lunch. There was a wonderful breeze and "Vog On" held down the paper while I ate my goat cheese, tomato, and olive spread on bagette sandwich. I sat on that bench for 2 hours and finished "Vog On". I did not bring a needle to kirchner the toe.
Yarn: Steinbach Wolle - color 005
Needle: Size 2 Brittany
Pattern: Vog On - Knitty Summer 2007
We rode back over the Connecticut River and up to Hanover, NH; the home of Dartmouth.. There were a few Kodak moments by the river.

We went through Hanover and over to the CRREL building where my husband's class was. The sky looked very threatening and I headed back to a cafe I saw.
"Vog On" did not want to come out for photo's; there were varments around.

Husband picked us up and we had some refreshments in Hanover at Murphy's. "Vog On" was still up for more. After supper we went down to Covered Bridge 23.

These are the dogs that tried to eat us. "Vog On" has been sewed and will have more advertures tomorrow - - - on my feet!


Blogger Kerry said...

They are absolutely gorgeous! I love the colors of the yarn.

6/24/07, 6:20 PM  
Blogger herzeleidknits said...

Hi! We'd love to have you on the vog on KAL...I just need your email addie to send the invite. Your vogs are beautiful.

6/24/07, 11:35 PM  
Blogger I am! said...

Lovely socks and lovely pictures - puts me in mind for a road trip! And the chipmunk's adorable. :)

7/7/07, 6:00 PM  
Anonymous Sera said...

Good words.

11/10/08, 3:25 PM  

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