Monday, March 17, 2008

Heads - Shortie Socks - Aprons My Son works retail. When he went to work last Thursday, March 13th these beautiful heads were in the garbage. Being the thoughful person he is they were rescued and brought home to live with us. Guess I will need to knit more hats.

These socks were knit from left over yarn from 2 different pair of socks. The yarn is OnLine Summer Color, colors 787 & 788. I used the Fiber Trends - "Toe Jazz" pattern but did not make the toe.

Used the left overs from 3 different pair here.

This Apron was found all cut up along with the apron below up in the attic (w/the unfinished afghans). Just needed to be sewed. When were sunflowers popular. I think I cut this out in 1995. Yikes!

Tropical print - Guess this was cut out sometime in 1995 also.

The reason I went looking for the apron pattern was to make this apron. It is a birthday (belated) gift for my Aunt Gaby. I bought the cloth December 2006 at the "Portsmouth Fabric Company"112 Penhallow Street, Portsmouth, NH. It was supposed to be a 2007 b-day gift. Better this year with Easter so close.

Colors are right on here.
I am leaving on Wednesday to deliver the gift to my Aunt in Sanford, Maine.
Husband and I are stopping in Boston for 2 nights with the "Pogues". Something we started in 2006 - our 25th anniversary. Luckily the Pogues have played 3 years in a row. 26th anniversary and now 27th anniversary.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those heads are great! What a boon. I love the aprons too. So bright and lovely in the sun.

I like the Pogues. Have you ever heard of Flogging Molly? Another fun band, especially live.

3/18/08, 12:42 AM  
Anonymous freshisle said...

Have a lovely anniversary! Congratulations.
I love the heads. Won't they be super for more knitted hat photos?

3/18/08, 8:45 PM  

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