Thursday, October 01, 2009

Montego Bay Scarf Finished
Took a short trip to Maine over the weekend. Found shelter in the Peneobscot Bay. Weather was beautiful. Went to the Common Ground Fair. Finished the Montego Bay Scarf.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Kathleen --

I love looking at your work. I do have a question. Would you be willing to sell your copy of the Columbia Minerva shawl patterns #2578? Or I would be willing to buy a copy of the instructions. I recently found a half-completed arrowhead shawl that I started in 1976 (yeah, I know, I save everything) and I think it would be nice to finish it. (I started the shawl when I was pregnant and put it away when my daughter was born.) Anyway, let me know if you'd be at all interested. My address is Thanks.


10/8/09, 11:06 AM  
Anonymous freshisle said...

Lovely scarf. I agree with the homework thing! It's not fun.

10/15/09, 5:32 PM  

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