Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Solstice Slip
The pattern was the 2007 RSC June pattern. On blockers, on feet, on the flowers, this is a great sock. The color says summer and so does the pattern.
Yarn: ShiBiuKnits Sock - 100% Merino Color 21, Lily - Purchased at the Loopy Ewe
Needle: Size 1 Cast on 65 Stitches
This is sock #1 for SOS08. I chose this sock for it's simplicity. I had surgery planned for June 25th and I had to choose a pattern I would be able to knit while recovering from the surgery. You know knit while taking Vicodin. This was a great choice and a perfect addition to my sock collection. The yarn is so very soft but had an quite a few knots in it. As it is not self striping this was not a major isssue.


Anonymous freshisle said...

Lovely summer socks!
Hope you're starting to feel better and are on the mend.

7/5/08, 8:44 AM  

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