Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Not much to show on the sweater. Only 8 rows added to sleeve since last picture. The yarn is very dark and is quite difficult to work with inside. I do try to get outside to knit every day but I work every day and then come home and cook supper, go to the gym and then well it is not light out side. I will probably have to take some time off in order to finish by the end of August.
On the other hand or should I say foot the "Vog On" Bluebird of Friendliness is finished.
Yarn: Jaeger - Aqua Cotton - Color 329 Salvia
Needle: Size 2 Brittany
Pattern: Vog On - Knitty Summer 2007


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very pretty socks! Love the color.

8/16/07, 2:28 PM  

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