Sunday, October 07, 2007

What A Long 2 Weeks
Work has actually sucked the life out of me. This weekend was our premier event. Long months of planning but the last 2 weeks are always the worse. The event is a festival; 3 stages of music, craft vendors, non-profit vendors, Guiness Book Of World Records Ribbon Cutting, banks, food, businesses, and only 6ish volunteers. Stages and vendors spaces need to be set up and broken down, food needs to be donated for performers and folks that would like to pay to be in the VIP tent. The weather was perfect. in the 80's and NO rain, this is an out door event. My legs feel as though they climbed Mt Washington.
And beside all of this it is MLB playoff time. October is my favorite. The weather is pleasant, great baseball, my team is in "GO RED SOX", and it is time for camping.
I have been knitting. Mindless knitting, knitting mittens and hats. Keeps the skill up and some little ones somewhere will be warm. No pictures. Soon. The mornings are foggy and by the time I come home at night it has been dark.


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